How To Make Seamless Pattern in MidJourney

Creating seamless patterns is vital for artists and designers, as they can be used in various applications such as textiles, wallpapers, and digital designs. In this tutorial, we introduce you to two powerful tools, Mid-Journey (the best AI image generator) and Photopea (the best free online Photoshop alternative), which will help you quickly generate and refine seamless patterns.

Watch the video below or continue reading.

Generating Initial Pattern with Mid-Journey

Step 1: Access the Mid-Journey dashboard

First, navigate to the Mid-Journey website and log in to access your dashboard. This is where you'll begin creating your custom pattern.

Step 2: Enter a prompt for pattern creation

Type in a descriptive prompt that represents the pattern you want to create. For this tutorial, we'll use "daisy flower in watercolor style" as an example. You can find a detailed explanation of the prompt in the end of the article.

Step 3: Evaluate the generated images

Once Mid-Journey generates images based on your prompt, review the results. Most images will have a seamless style, but you may need to choose one closely resembling your desired pattern.

Midjourney generated image:

midjourney generated seamless pattern image of daisy flower

Transforming the Image into a Seamless Pattern Using Photopea

Step 4: Open the selected image in Photopea

Navigate to the Photopea website, a free Photoshop alternative, and open the image you selected from the Mid-Journey results.

Step 5: Set up the background layer

Right-click the image and choose "Background." Then, go to the "Edit" tab, select "New," and click on "Pattern."

Step 6: Crop and resize the image

Select the crop tool from the toolbar: Press "Ctrl" and the "minus key" simultaneously to zoom out, allowing you to see the entire image. Hold the Shift key while resizing the image, positioning it nicely in the middle of the canvas. Press "Enter" to apply the changes.

Step 7: Add a new layer for the pattern

Create a new layer in the layers panel. This is where you'll place your seamless pattern.

Step 8: Fill the layer with the seamless pattern

Use the Paint Bucket tool or another similar tool to fill the new layer with your seamless pattern.

Step 9: Check the pattern for defects and make final adjustments

Inspect your pattern to ensure it is seamless and without any defects. If needed, make adjustments to the design to achieve the perfect result.

Step 10: Export the seamless pattern as a PNG file

Once you're satisfied with the seamless pattern, export it as a PNG file by going to File > Export > Export As (PNG).

Below is our seamless pattern final version after updating in Photopea (

final version of daisy flowers seamless pattern using photopea (free photoshop alternative)

As you can see, creating a seamless pattern using Mid-Journey and Photopea is a straightforward process. With these tools, you can generate various unique patterns for your projects. Don't hesitate to explore other tutorials and resources to expand your design and pattern-creation skills.

Prompt used in the video:

"daisy flower in seamless pattern in watercolor style, --tile --stylize 1250 --test --creative --v 5 --s 750"

Midjourney prompt details:

--tile = repeating patterns (can be used for seamless patterns) - source midjourney

--stylize = strength of default styling - source midjourney

--test = images look more like art - source midjourney

--creative = more creative spin (chaos) - source midjourney

--v 5 = midjourney version 5 (newest) - source midjourney

--s 750 = more imagination to your prompt - source midjourney

Read this article if you want to have your own MidJourney server (like me in the video). It is very easy; you can set it up in a few minutes.

Why Seamless Patterns Are So Well-Liked

Seamless patterns have gained popularity because of their adaptability and the ability to establish visual uniformity across various applications. These patterns can be repeated endlessly without noticeable seams, making them perfect for covering expansive surfaces and crafting a unified design. Furthermore, seamless patterns can inject visual fascination, texture, and depth into otherwise bland characters, making them an invaluable asset for designers and artists.

20 Inventive Uses for Seamless Patterns

  1. Textile design: Seamless patterns are often employed to create apparel, furniture coverings, and bedding fabrics.
  2. Wallpaper: Wall coverings with seamless patterns generate a continuous visual effect, contributing character to interior environments.
  3. Web design: Background patterns can enrich the overall visual appeal of websites and applications.
  4. Packaging design: Striking seamless patterns makes product packaging more eye-catching and unforgettable.
  5. Branding: Companies frequently integrate unique patterns into their visual identities to establish a distinct and recognizable style.
  6. Stationery: Patterns can be utilized for crafting letterheads, envelopes, and business cards.
  7. Social media templates: Seamless patterns can serve as backgrounds for social media posts, making them visually captivating.
  8. Greeting cards: Incorporating seamless patterns into greeting card designs can infuse a touch of refinement and sophistication.
  9. Gift wrap: Seamless patterns make for alluring and adaptable gift wrap designs.
  10. Flooring and tile design: Patterns can be applied to flooring materials, such as ceramic tiles, to produce distinctive surfaces.
  11. Book covers: Book cover designs can benefit from incorporating seamless patterns to generate visual interest.
  12. Digital art: Artists can employ seamless patterns as backgrounds or textures in digital artwork.
  13. Architectural elements: Patterns can be integrated into features like glass panels or wall treatments.
  14. Home decor items: Seamless patterns can be employed to craft decorative elements like cushions, drapes, and carpets.
  15. Phone cases: Distinctive seamless patterns can render phone cases attention-grabbing and express personal style.
  16. Apparel and accessories: Patterns can be utilized to design clothing items, such as t-shirts, shawls, and neckties.
  17. Vehicle wraps: Seamless patterns can produce eye-catching designs for vehicle wraps and graphics.
  18. Posters and flyers: Patterns can be employed as backgrounds or design components in promotional materials.
  19. Art prints and wall art: Seamless patterns can be transformed into fascinating art pieces for home or office decoration.
  20. Video game design: Seamless patterns can be employed for creating textures and backgrounds in video game settings.

Valuable Suggestions for Utilizing Seamless Patterns

  1. Consider the overall design: Consider how the pattern will interact with other components in your design and whether it complements the theme or concept.
  2. Experiment with scale: Try different scales of the pattern to achieve diverse visual effects.
  3. Modify colors: Personalize the colors of a pattern to match your project's color scheme.
  4. Adjust opacity: Varying the pattern's opacity can create depth and a sense of layering.
  5. Combine patterns: Blending and matching patterns can generate unique and dynamic designs. Just be aware of potential clashes and balance the overall composition.

Seamless patterns offer limitless possibilities for creativity and can enhance your designs across various applications. By understanding their advantages and exploring different ways to use them, you can create captivating visuals and establish your unique design style.

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