How To Add MidJourney To Private Server

I prepared an easy-to-follow guide on how to use MidJourney on your own or a private server in Discord.

Launch your internet browser and navigate to "" This directs you to the Discord main page.

If you haven't registered for a Discord account, select the "Sign Up" option to establish a new one. If you already possess a Discord account, sign in with your email and password.

After signing in, you'll be presented with your Discord control panel. On the left portion of the display, tap the "+" symbol to initiate a new server.

Opt for the "Create My Own" alternative and input a designation for your server. You may also upload a personalized icon if desired. Click the "Create" option to establish your new server.

Upon the server's creation, it will appear on the left section of your control panel. Click on it to access your newly-formed server.

To modify your server's privacy configurations, tap the small cog symbol on the left portion of the display, then select "Permissions." Activate the "Private Channel" feature to render your server private.

With your server configured, it's time to integrate the Mid-Journey bot. To accomplish this, visit the Mid-Journey site at "" and tap the "Join the Beta" option.

This action will direct you to the Mid-Journey Discord server. Tap the "Accept Invite" option to become a server member.

Upon joining the Mid-Journey server, a catalog of rooms will be visible on the left section of the display. Elect a room you wish to employ for generating images with the bot.

To produce images with the Mid-Journey bot, enter "/imagine" followed by your chosen prompt in the input area. For instance, you could input "/imagine "Howtosimo" to create an image related to that prompt.

After inputting your prompt, agree to the terms and conditions and patiently wait for the bot to produce an image. Your outcome will be visible in the "Mix" area of the website.

To incorporate the Mid-Journey bot into your Discord server, tap the user symbol in the upper right corner of the display, then pick "Mid-Journey bot" from the list.

Press the "Add to Server" option, then decide on the Discord server to which you wish to include the Discord bot. In this scenario, select your newly-formed server ("howtosimo mid-journey private").

Tap "Continue" and "Authorize" to grant the bot access to your server.
Once the bot has been integrated into your server, you can create images by entering "/imagine" followed by your prompt in your server's conversation.

If you're operating a private server, you should include a member of the server's permissions to utilize the bot. To achieve this, tap the "Edit Channel" option and include a member (in this instance, the Mid-Journey bot).

Lastly, if you desire to modify the settings of the Mid-Journey bot, input "/settings" in your server's conversation to view the available choices, for instance, you can enable "Remix Mode" to further enhance your image prompts' creativity.

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